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Seven Sisters of the Pole (1 of 18,816)


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Latest observations

Norma's Jewel Box, Great Orion Nebula, 47 Tuc, ESO 175-6, NGC 5061, NGC 4753, Messier 74, Helix Nebula, Messier 2, Saturn Nebula.

Featured astrophoto

Cassiopeia Salt-and-Pepper, Messier 52 by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Previous image:

The Swan Nebula, Messier 17 by Dale Liebenberg.

Historically speaking

The Crab Nebula, sketched by the Earl of Rosse.



2017 July 25 at 10:53


(c) Dale Liebenberg 2017


NGC 5844 in Triangulum Australe, imaged by Dale Liebenberg.

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news archives

Recent news

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//in3words — Superwind galaxy NGC 4666


The palest ink is clearer than the best memory.
(Chinese proverb)

Updates & changes

M16, the Eagle Nebula in Serpens Cauda, by Dale Liebenberg.

Lagoon Nebula by Pete Scully.

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The Bug Report

DOCdb is still in beta-release.

Known issues, feature requests, and updates on bug fixes, are here:

> Bug Report


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• Chris de Coning

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The Bug Report

DOCdb is still in beta-release.

Known issues, feature requests, and updates on bug fixes, are here:

> Bug Report


Found a bug? Have a comment or suggestion to improve DOCdb? Please let us know!

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DOCdb is a free online resource that exists to promote deep sky observing.

You could help by sharing your observations, writing an article, digitizing and proof-reading historical material, and more.

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