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Author(s) ↓YearTitleReference
Barnard, E. E.1883A new Nebula near phi Virginis.AN, 104, 285.
Barnard, E. E.1884New Nebulae. – Small black hole in the milky-way – Duplicity of beta-1 Capricorni.AN, 108, 369.
Barnard, E. E.1885New Nebula near General Catalogue No. 4510.AN, 110, 125.
Barnard, E. E.1885Small Nebula near Great Andromeda Nebula.AN, 112, 391.
Barnard, E. E.1885Astronomical Notes.Obs., 8, 122.
Barnard, E. E.1890On the photographs of the Milky Way made at the Lick Observatory in 1889.PASP, 2, 240.
Barnard, E. E.1895Photograph of the nebula NGC 1499 near the star chi Persei.Ap.J., 2, 350.
Barnard, E. E.1899Photograph of the Milky Way near the star theta OphiuchiAp.J., 9, 157.
Burton, C.E.1875On the Southern Nebulae 30 (Bode) Doradus, and the Nebula about eta Argus.MNRAS, 36, 69.
Dorschner &
1963Untersuchungen uber Reflexionsnebel am Palomar Sky Survey. I. Verzeichnis von Reflexionsnebeln.AN, 287, 257.
Dunlop, J.1828A Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars in the Southern Hemisphere, Observed at Paramatta in New South Wales.RSPT, 118, 113.
Ellery, R.L.J.1885Observations of the Southern Nebulae made with the Great Melbourne Telescope from 1869 to 1885. Part I.Melbourne.
Evans, D.S. &
Thackeray, A.D.
1950A Photographic Survey of Bright Southern Planetary Nebulae.MNRAS, 110, 429.
Holden, E.S.1877Index Catalogue of Books and Memoirs relating to Nebulae and Clusters, etc.Washington: Smithsonian Institution.
Key, H.C.1868On the Planetary Nebula 45 H IV. Geminorum.MNRAS, 28, 154.
Lassell, W.1863Observations made at Malta on a Planetary Nebula.MemRAS, 36, 1.
Lundmark, K.1930A new general catalogue of nebulae.PASP, 42, 31.
Lynds, B.T.1965Catalogue of bright nebulae.Ap.J.Suppl.Ser. 12, 163.
Melotte, P.J.1926New nebulae shown on Franklin-Adams Chart plates.MNRAS, 86, 636.
Moir, J.1924How To Find The Famous Telescopic Objects Of The South.JASSA, 1, 109.
Moore, J.H.1913A Southern Nebula with Large Radial Velocity.PASP, 25, 289.
Perrine, C.D.1930Observations of Planetary Nebulae wanted.AN, 237, 351.
Shapley, H1927A Large Unrecorded NebulaHOB, 843, 5.
Shapley, H. &
Paraskevopoulos, J.S.
1940Southern clusters and galaxies. HOB, 914, 6.
Sharpless S.1959A Catalogue of HII Regions.Ap.J.Suppl.Ser. 4, 257.
Struve, O. &
Straka, W.C.
1962Notes on diffuse galactic nebulae.PASP, 74, 474.


AN: Astronomische Nachrichten
HOB: Harvard Observatory Bulletin
JASSA: Journal of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
MemRAS: Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society
MNRAS: Monthly Notes of the Royal Astronomical Society

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