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Ced 201

Bernes 45, Ced 201, DG 179, LBN 531, Magakian 882, RNO 139, VDB 152

RA: 22h 13m 25s
Dec: +70° 15′ 4″

Con: Cepheus
Ch: MSA:1049, U2:34, SA:3

Ref: [2003A&A...399..141M]

(reference key)

Type: reflection nebula

Mag: B=?, V=?

Size: 11′ x 3′
PA: ?

Published comments

Cederblad, S. (1946) [VII/231]

Ced 201

Position (1900): RA 22 11.1, Dec + 69 45

Star: +69 1231 (Mp=9.:, V=9.0:, SpT=A)

Spectrum of nebula: continuous spectrum (observed)

Classification: Neb associated with mainly one star (which may be multiple) - star surrounded by a neb envelope with conspicuous structure (eg. IC 5146)

Size: 11.5'x5.5'

Notes: "The nebula around +69 1231. Disc. Kopff 1908 (816). (820, 821)."

Dorschner & Gürtler (1963)

Untersuchungen uber Reflexionsnebel.

DG 179 = Ced 201

Pos (1950.0) 22:12.2, +69:59

Size: 11x3 (blue), 2x2 (red).

Magakian T. Yu. (2003)

= DG 179, [RK68] 117, VdB 152, Bernes 45, GN 22.12.2, Ced 201, Other designations: RNO139

Class: C (reflection neb)

Photo index

Photo index by Jim Lucyk: Vehrenberg's Atlas of Galactic Neb-2 p132

Modern observations

Lew Gramer

Observer: Lew Gramer

Your skills: Intermediate

Date and UT of Observation: 1997-07-31/08-01, 04:45 UT

Location: Savoy, MA, USA (42N, elev 700m)

Site classification: rural

Limiting magnitude: 7.2 (zenith)

Seeing: 3 of 10 - pretty good

Moon up: no

Instrument: 20" f/5 Tectron truss-tube dob Newtonian reflector

Magnification: 420x

Filters used: None, DeepSky

Object: vdB 152

Category: Reflection nebula

Constellation: Cep

Data: mag 8.8 (star) size 12'x6'

RA/DE: 22h14m +70o18


Easily found in a field due E of beta Cep, surrounding and near the lovely, bright double HD 210884 (mags 6 and 8, separation about 1', PA 100o, colors white and pale violet). This double is due S of the "bowl" of a neat naked-eye asterism shaped much like a spoon, just NE of beta Cep. VdB152 faintly surrounds the pair, but is especially prominent around two nearby mag. 8 stars which form a long triangle with the double, about 10' to the W and WSW of it. (As a matter of fact, the greater brightness of the haze around these stars vs. the brighter double-star, is what initially confirmed for me that this nebulosity was more than eyepiece dew!) The N mag. 8 star (which is either GSC 4467-0434 or SAO 10287?) shows very obvious nebulosity to the N and W, little or none to the E, and just faint averted-vision haze to the S. The S mag. 8 star (HD 211319) is faintly bathed in haze requiring averted vision to see all around. Slight brightening in the sky AWAY from these stars was apparent, especially to the N.

Petteri Rajanen

Petteri Rajanen (Kauppi, Tampere, Finland) observing with a 8-inch f/5, writes in the The Webb Society Nebulae and Clusters Section Report No. 10, July 1992: "Observed at x38 using a Lumicon Deep-Sky filter, but visible only from time to time. Small, with uniform brightness. Edges rather well defined."

Brian Skiff

25cm - vis, but not much to look at. sm haze 1'.5 diam, unres @ 125x. BS, 3Sep1981, Anderson Mesa.

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