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Seven Sisters of the Pole (1 of 18,816)


oc gc pln bn dn gx gxcl ast aka lost

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Searching within 1° around RA 02h 39m 53s, Dec. +59° 35' 56" in full DOCdb database.

Cl Czernik 10, C 0230+59902:33:55+60° 10' 30''0° 56' npCas
Cl Czernik 9, C 0229+59602:33:36+59° 53' 00''0° 50' npCas
Cl King 4, C 0232+587, Ocl 36102:36:02+59° 01' 00''0° 45' spCas
LEDA 9892, Maffei 1, UGCA 34, LBN 659, Sh 2-191, SPB 32, Weinberger 1902:36:35.3+59° 39' 17''0° 25' npCas
Cl Czernik 11, C 0232+59402:36:35.6+59° 39' 18''0° 25' npCas
Cl Berkeley 6502:39:06+60° 24' 00''0° 48' npCas
[SS62] 602:41:42+59° 37' 00''0° 13' nfCas
LBN 136.53-00.37, LBN 665, Sh 2-195, [SS62] 502:41:43+59° 36' 12''0° 13' nfCas
LEDA 10217, Maffei 2, Sh 2-197, UGCA 39, SPB 35, Weinberger 2102:41:54.9+59° 36' 14.4''0° 15' nfCas

9 objects found (18,816 entries scanned).

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