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Seven Sisters of the Pole (1 of 18,816)


oc gc pln bn dn gx gxcl ast aka lost

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Searching within 2.0° around RA 15h 52m 55s, Dec. +21° 06' 03" in full DOCdb database.

NGC 6008, NGC 6008A, LEDA 56289, MCG+04-37-052, UGC 1007615:52:55.9+21° 06' 04''--Ser
NGC 6008B, LEDA 56301, MCG+04-37-054, Arak 48815:53:08.3+21° 04' 28''0° 03' sfSer
NGC 6020, IC 1148, GIN 468, LEDA 56467, MCG+04-38-002, UGC 10100, GC 579415:57:08.21+22° 24' 16''1° 37' nfSer
NGC 6027B, LEDA 56575, UGC 10116a, MCG+04-38-008, HCG 79c, Seyfert's Sextet B15:59:10.92+20° 45' 43.3''1° 29' sfSer
NGC 6027A, LEDA 56576, UGC 10116b, MCG+04-38-006, HCG 79a, Seyfert's Sextet A15:59:11.25+20° 45' 17.2''1° 30' sfSer
NGC 6027C, LEDA 56578, UGC 10116c, MCG+04-38-007, HCG 79d, Seyfert's Sextet C15:59:11.99+20° 44' 49.9''1° 30' sfSer
NGC 6027, LEDA 56579, MCG+04-38-010 (in Seyfert's Sextet)15:59:12.6+20° 45' 48''1° 30' sfSer
NGC 6027D, LEDA 56580, UGC 10116e, MCG+04-38-009, HCG 79e, Seyfert's Sextet D15:59:13.11+20° 45' 35.9''1° 30' sfSer
NGC 6027E, LEDA 56584, MCG+04-38-005, Seyfert's Sextet E15:59:14.81+20° 45' 58.2''1° 30' sfSer
HCG 79, Seyfert's Quintet, Seyfert's Sextet15:59:12+20° 45' 30''1° 30' sfSer

10 objects found (18,816 entries scanned).

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